Abstract Edit

Europe has 359 national parks. However, the information about them in English is scarce. So far, most of these parks have no or a very poor webpage. A new institution European National Parks Centre (ENPC) is being established to promote European national parks at an international level and to provide more information about them to the general public in the internet.

What European National Parks Centre (ENPC) will be? Edit

ENPC will be an international apolitical organization providing information about all designated and potential national parks in Europe. It will actively promote the protection of their natural beauty, biodiversity and ecological stability by encouraging all people to respect and to conserve them. It will actively campaign for individual national parks to be protected and enhanced for the benefit of everyone.

ENPC will be built on the belief that national parks are created for people to experience and enjoy the great outdoors in all its variety, where nature is left to develop freely and where people keep intervention and any unnecessary intrusions into the ecosystems and landscapes to a minimum. National parks should be excluded from massive tourism developments, commercial logging, mineral extraction, hunting and other significant exploitations, which threaten the purpose of conservation of these exclusive natural areas. However, ENPC will support the sustainable (traditional) use of land and other natural resources in the parks, when this supports the existing unique ecosystems, and does not alter the specific character of protected area, and does not endanger the state of wildlife.

ENPC's vision and mission statement Edit


To be the leading and trusted source of inventive, accurate, and up-to-date information on national parks in Europe that supports their objectives and promotes their conservation.


To create a pan-European information databank on European national parks; and to develop an independent system

of national park monitoring and support.

To provide information management services to those in charge of national parks through the effective use of modern technology,

by global reach and experience, rapid flexible approach and ability to offer innovative solutions.

To form and support an international network of associates and partners who help to fulfil ENPC’s vision.

To explore new and cost-effective ways of promoting national parks and their conservation at an international level.

To educate the general public, so they develop a positive relationship with national parks and support their conservation.

ENPC's main tasks Edit

To co-oparate with all existing national parks in Europe.

To establish a multilingual and interactive webportal about all European national parks. This on-line guide will present their extraordinary landscapes, stunning sceneries, fascinating histories, rich biodiversity and habitats, but also expose all threats to these areas, which cause that part of their uniqueness, abundant wildlife and special charm is disappearing in front of our eyes.

To publish and support the distribution of reliable information materials (books, maps, CD-roms) about all national parks in Europe.

ENPC's network of associates Edit

The work of ENPC is supported and made possible by a growing international network of volunteering associates who care passionately about national parks designated in Europe and/or who are the experts on their conservation. The network welcomes new members from every European country, so ENPC can become an effective and powerful organization with reliable local information sources and with unparalleled international reach for its action and campaigning.

If you are interested to become a member of ENPC’s network of associates and/or if you would like to know more about the Centre, please contact us at:

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